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  • Crystal cat gel-varnish "Dark Crystal Cat Eye", 10 ml

Crystal cat gel-varnish "Dark Crystal Cat Eye", 10 ml

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"Dark Crystal Cat Eye" gel polish The latest nail art trend is sparkling deep manicure. The fashionable nail party has already met the hit of the fall-winter season 2020-2021 - a new magnetic gel polish "crystal cat". Crystal cat gel polish is one of the brightest options for the so-called "cat's eye" manicure, which is done using magnetic varnishes. Metal particles in the gel polish create a unique effect under the influence of special magnets. And, if earlier it was customary to create one longitudinal flare in such a manicure design, then with the advent of the "crystal cat" the technology has changed somewhat. The magnet is brought from all sides of the nail plate so that the metal particles are evenly distributed over the surface, creating a uniform, holographic sparkle. The effect of this design is similar to a crystal shine, hence, in fact, the name of the "breed" of gel polish. The polymerization time of a UV lamp is 2-3 minutes, in an LED lamp - 30 seconds. Volume 10 ml.

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