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  • ACRYLATIC (polygel) with shimmer Acg-03s

ACRYLATIC (polygel) with shimmer Acg-03s

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Means for strengthening and modeling nails ACRYLATIC (polygel), 30g ACRYLATIC (acrylatic) is a product that combines the advantages of two familiar systems for modeling, building, strengthening and design of artificial nails. In a matter of time, he became a full-fledged "competitor" to classic gels and acrylic powders.
Acrylatic has exceptional advantages, including hypoallergenicity, health safety, time savings during application and maximum ease of use. In order for the preparation to quickly solidify and firmly adhere to the nail, a reliable lamp (UV or LED) is required both at the stage of BASE and TOP drying, and when baking the acrylate itself. Principle of application of Acrialatic:
Preparing the nail for applying artificial coating according to the standard (buff the nail, apply a primer and base);
Apply the acrylate to the nail with a brush. Gently distribute the material over the nail plate, periodically wetting it in a special liquid (any alcohol-containing liquid is excellent, it is not recommended to use a monomer);
Polymerization in the lamp and removal of the sticky layer;
The nail is washed down, the dust from the saw is cleaned off and the nail is covered with a top coating.
Strengthening with acrylate: Extension with acrylate: Advantages of ACRYLATIC over classic gels and acrylics:
- In the process of filing this material, the dust generated is 30% heavier than the dust from classical gels and acrylics. This density allows dust to settle immediately and not scatter in the air.
- Reducing the risk of accidental skin contact. Acrylate does not flow like a gel and does not harden like acrylic. Application time is not limited. The material hardens only at the time of polymerization.
- The most lightweight application technique.
- When applied correctly, chips and material detachment are excluded.
- The naturalness of the final result. Volume: 30 g

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ACRYLATIC (polygel) with shimmer Acg-03s